The events and famous characters of the revolutionary period are evoked through reproductions of works from the Carnavalet Museum.

Useful information

The randomness of history has effectively brought together the bones of both victims and executioners, such as Robespierre, Madame Élisabeth, Lucile Desmoulins, Fouquier-Tinville or Malesherbes.

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Ordering reproductions 

 Visuals of works kept in the Carnavalet Museum, as well as general views of the Museum, the Archeological Crypt in front of Notre Dame and the Paris Catacombs may be ordered from the entity in charge of digital reproduction and promotion of the photographic collections of the City of Paris: La Parisienne de Photographie.

La Parisienne de Photographie, a local semi-public company, is in charge of managing and distributing reproductions of works for exhibitions, catalogs or research projects.
Request for a reproduction for publication must be sent directly to this entity.

  • You will also find a selection images on the following website:
  • The company’s subsidiary, Roger-Viollet, ensures the commercial distribution of images for press, publishing and advertising professionals.

The digitized collections are available online for professionals on the following website:

Key Figures 

20 meters: depth of the Catacombs, equivalent to the height of a five-story building
213: number of steps to visit the site (130 at the entrance + 83 at the exit)
1.5 kilometers: length of the visit circuit
1 hour: average duration of a visit
14°C: constant temperature of the Catacombs
11,000 sqm: surface area of the ossuary
800 meters: length of ossuary galleries