The “Skeleton Story” exhibition, organized in collaboration with the INRAP and the DRAC of Île-de-France, presents the excavations made by the INRAP (National Institute of Preventive Archeological Research) at the emplacement of the former Hôpital de la Trinité cemetery on Boulevard Sébastopol and shows the links with bones from the same cemetery that had already been placed in the Paris Catacombs ossuary. 

Useful information

This study evokes the origin of certain sectors of the Catacombs ossuary and, using scientific methods, provides a better understanding of the Parisians who lived from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries. Who were they? What was their age and sex? What did they eat, and what were their diseases? What epidemics affected urban Parisians during the Ancien Régime? How can this new way of seeing these human remains be put in perspective? These are some of the questions that the exhibition attempts to answer through an archeological and anthropological approach.

This exhibition is currently being presented at the Paris Catacombs, at the entrance to the ossuary.